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A complete approach to sustainability

Rather than append sustainability as an afterthought, we have inextricably interwoven environmental stewardship and sustainability into our design process.

We encourage our clients to adopt strategies during design and construction to achieve high environmental sustainability standards and push beyond the limitations and boundaries of what was previously possible. We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of new construction and when possible, we work to revitalize existing structures to prolong their lives and conserve resources.

Championing environmental sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it enables buildings to maintain usefulness and impact over the long term. Our integrated and multi-faceted collaborative approach includes an assessment of socio-cultural implications, functional aspects, economic considerations, procedural efficiencies, and the life cycle including the embedded energy contained in the building materials.

All contribute to creating unique fabric and sustainability solutions for each project. We propose durable, replaceable technologies that add value over time rather than realize only short-term economies.

As part of our strategy to achieve high-performance buildings with low energy and water use, we seek passive, commonsense solutions first, followed by the consideration of active, systems-based ideas. Careful to always remember the end user and the purpose of our work, we evaluate how technology and material selections can advance sustainability and consider its lasting impact on operations and maintenance during the project’s life cycle.

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