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Trig Interior Design Dubai

Our Story

Redefining norms through innovative design

Our Story

Established in 2012, Trig Interior Design L.L.C. is a result of our admirable leaders. Creating bespoke design spaces across GCC, MENA & USA in a short period, Trig is well established in the realm of interior design.

We are a collective of extraordinary interior architects, attention-to-detail enthusiasts, and design producers.

Our mission is to achieve superior results, pioneering innovative design concepts accompanied by efficient management. Above all, we are here to please, and ensure every client experience is an absolutely satisfactory one.

Our values comprise of consistent strive for excellence while breeding a team that operates with complete dedication and as a family.

We offer integrated interior & architect design services, incorporating 360 design solutions for Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, and Residential Projects.

Our History

Our work embodies a constancy of inspiring both the mind and senses



Along with its market extensions in the MENA region, Trig Interior Design L.L.C. accomplishes achievements in projects being executed in New York, Lebanon, Jeddah & Egypt while further tapping into design scope for commercial and retail spaces. The highlight of this year was the fulfillment of the majestic Iris Hotel in Riyadh, KSA.



Trig acquires a distinguished repute in the compass of interior design, with one of the highlight projects being the prominent blueprint of Al Fardan Hotel Jewelry showroom in Riyadh, KSA.


UAE Expansion

Growing at supersonic speed, Trig Interior Design has extended the organization to fifteen-members while securing new industry partnerships tapping into the public sector project for the Royal Family Offices in Riyadh, KSA.

Brand new headquarter offices anchored in Dubai, simultaneously raising the crew to a thirty-member team! One of the celebrated highlights in 2019 was the completion of a significant governmental project in Riyadh, KSA.


Geographic Expansions

Trig Interior Design L.L.C advances to keep expansion ongoing to further geographic locations, conquering the ambition of catering to a high-end and distinguished clientele.

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